Arizona Star Tours is the mobile observatory that brings large telescopes and knowledgeable astronomers to your location for an enlightening tour of the universe.

With a telescope that’s all yours for the night and the attention of an astronomer to guide you, it’s an extraordinary experience that will leave you in awe of the cosmos.

Your enthusiastic astronomer tour guide will point out the constellations & enlighten you with the wonders of astronomy, sharing the history, science and mythology for each celestial treasure being viewed through the telescope. 

Using state-of-the-art astrophotography equipment we display on a 4K screen the Moon, Galaxies, Star Clusters, Nebulae, Double Stars and Planets through the largest compound tracking telescope that a person can move. This innovative technology allows everyone to see the views at the same time in extraordinary detail and maintains a zero contact experience.

Our captivating, interactive sky tours are understandable and fun for all ages, with tour packages tailored for couples, small family parties and large corporate events.

You have the option of touring the sky at your residence, resort, or you can meet us in one of our favorite state parks where the views of mountains combine with a sky full of stars.

Reserving your star tour is easy:    520-668-1871   –   info@azstartours.com

Star Tours

Imagine having an observatory experience at your next party or corporate event. Bring the excitement of discovering celestial treasures through large telescopes, each accompanied by an astronomer to guide your group on a visual tour of the night sky.

Your astronomer will point out the stars and constellations with a powerful green laser and share the wonders of the universe using the largest compound telescope we can transport.

Learn the history, mythology and science behind each object being viewed during the star tour as your astronomer shows the best of what’s in the sky that evening.

All celestial objects observed by the telescope are viewed on a 4K screen, allowing everyone to see the views at the same time. Extraordinarily sensitive camera and optics let us to show you things you would never be able to see through a telescope eyepiece.

Each stargazing session is tailored specifically for you, your location, number of participants, time of year, etc. We select from our database the best Galaxies, Planets, Double Stars, Nebulae, Star Clusters, etc, that will be in the sky that evening.

Easy to understand and fun for all ages, perfect for couples, small parties or large corporate conventions. Tour the night sky from your home, resort, event location or join us at one of the local state parks. Our customized, transportable computerized telescopes are battery powered allowing us to set up anywhere in Arizona to bring stargazing conveniently to you.

All images on this website were captured through our telescope during stargazing sessions.


How does a Star Tour work?

We come to your location with a large computerized telescope, operated by an astronomer to guide you on a visual tour of the universe. We point out the constellations and bright stars with a powerful green laser pointer and from the telescope show live images of the best Planets, Star Clusters, Double Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies. Learn the science, history and mythology for each object being viewed. For large groups we offer multiple telescopes and astronomers.

Where are you located?

We are based in Northwest Tucson, Arizona but all stargazing sessions are provided at the location of your choosing, including a resort, hotel, residence or state park. We are a 100% mobile observatory that provides telescopes and astronomers anywhere in Arizona.

How much is a star tour?

Pricing will vary depending on the date, location and type of group. Each star tour is tailored specifically for you, so we’ll be able to provide pricing information once we receive details from you on group size, date, location, etc. For example, a private star tour in the Tucson area for a group of 6 or more will be more affordable than the cost of tickets for one of the local public observatory stargazing programs. You can skip the long drive, no waiting in lines, and save the travel expense –  get a telescope and astronomer all to yourself for the evening.

What can we see?

A custom observing list is created for each star tour. We select from our database the best celestial objects in the sky for that night, including Planets, Galaxies, Star Clusters, Double Stars, Nebulae, etc.

Visit our Star Tours page to see images captured through our telescopes, for examples of what you can see.

How far in advance should I book a tour?

We recommend several weeks in advance to reserve a private star tour for small groups, although we can accommodate bookings same-day if available. For corporate or group events, several months in advance is highly recommended to ensure availability.

Are you familiar with providing stargazing at resorts, hotels, and event properties for corporate and group events?

We are very familiar with all major locations in Arizona and can help to coordinate stargazing for your event. Over the last decade we have entertained 900+ corporate groups and are regularly requested back by many Fortune 100 & 500 companies as part of their annual events. We accommodate groups of 1 – 2,000 and can provide multiple telescopes and astronomers. Ask your event planner or event property and we are more than likely a preferred vendor with them as well as with every major corporate destination management company and entertainment agency in Arizona.

Is the tour appropriate for all ages?

We welcome stargazers of any age. Typically kids 6 years and older can appreciate and be engaged by the tour. Bench seating is provided for private star tours (Bench seating for corporate or group tours provided only on special request and can seat up to 30 people).

Do you give tours outside of the Tucson area?

Yes, we cover Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Sedona, etc, for an additional travel fee and frequent all major resorts and event properties across Arizona for group and corporate events.

What makes Arizona such a great location for viewing the stars?

The desert climate, clear sky, weather, light ordinances, steady atmosphere and mountains make it an ideal haven for stargazing, providing high definition views of the stars throughout the year.

What happens if there are clouds/rain forecasted on the day of a star tour?

For private star tours: We stay in contact during the afternoon of your stargazing session and we can reschedule or refund your deposit if we determine that we have to cancel.

For corporate / group events: We may retain your deposit or a portion of it if we have to cancel due to the preparation, paperwork and expenses incurred.

Special note: Watching the weather report weeks or days before your stargazing session is not recommended, as the weather changes on a minute to minute basis. We do not want you to be concerned with what the weather may do, so we are extremely flexible with rescheduling and refunding deposits. Tucson averages 350 clear nights per year, and if there’s ever cloud cover during the late afternoon, most nights it clears shortly after sunset.

Do we need to provide access to power outlets to run the computerized telescopes?

All of our equipment is powered via battery packs which allows us to set up anywhere, no power access required.


Star tours are available to book 365 days of the year.

Office hours: Monday – Friday 11:00AM to 5:00PM MST.

Phone: 520-668-1871

Email: info@azstartours.com

Address: No physical location to visit, we are a mobile observatory.

For availability please send us an email with the dates you are available to book a star tour, your location, number of participants and contact information.

Pricing will vary depending on date, location, & type of group. Each star tour is tailored specifically for you, so we’ll be able to offer you pricing once we receive details from you.