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Arizona Star Tours is the mobile observatory that brings BIG telescopes and friendly astronomers to your location for an exclusive tour of the universe. With a telescope that's all yours for the night and the attention of an astronomer to guide you, it's an extraordinary experience that will be remembered.

Your enthusiastic astronomer tour guide will point out the constellations & enlighten you with the wonders of astronomy, sharing the history, science and mythology for each celestial treasure being viewed through the telescope.

Our captivating, interactive sky tours are understandable and fun for all ages, with tour packages that are tailored for both small family parties and large corporate events with over a thousand guests.

You have the option of touring the sky at your residence, resort, dude ranch, or you can meet us in one of our favorite national or state park areas where the views of mountains combine with a dark, star filled sky.

Reserving your star tour is easy, give us a call and book your stargazing experience today! 1-520-668-1871

100% Battery Powered

We can set our computerized telescopes on rooftops or in a national park - no power access required.

BIG Telescopes

Look through telescopes that gather nearly 2,000 times the light of the human eye!

Outstanding Tour Guides

Our enthusiastic astronomer tour guides are knowledgeable, friendly and engaging.

Take Pictures

Attach your cellphone to capture images of the moon & planets.

Tours available 24/7/365

Tour the stars by night & the Sun by day.

Customized Tours

Using sophisticated planetarium software, we plan each tour, picking out the best objects in the sky.

Easy to Pay

We accept all major credit cards.

The Star of the Event

Engage and impress your guests - You'll never see the sky the same!